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Other blogs about life in Suva (and Fiji) you might like

If you found me through google because you’re moving (or thinking about moving) to Suva, here are some other blogs you might find helpful for learning about daily life in Suva and/or Fiji.  I have included both recent expat blogs and local bloggers in no particular order.

Facebook group you need to join right now:

Suva Expats – not a blog, but a forum for finding rentals, event announcements and asking questions about where to find goods and services. Also has adjunct buy/sell groups (for once you get here) and a moms/dads offshoot for you parents.

Expat blogs:

Matt’s in Fiji – Peace Corps Volunteer serving in/near Rakiraki on Viti Levu.

My Fiji Adventure – Shadae is Peace Corps volunteer of Caribbean heritage serving in Suva since September 2012.

Fiji Diaries – Mary is an American who lived in the UK for many years before coming to Suva in 2012 as a “trailing spouse”.

Alice Tamani Fiji – an Australian woman who married a Fijian man and now lives in Koronivia, a rural area near Nausori. Many environmentally focused posts.

From Mushrooms to Mangoes – Samantha is a Peace Corps volunteer (and fellow Washington stater!) working in a village on Ovalau. She arrived May 2011 and is now back in the US.

Be prepared: Fiji – Libby is an Australian woman working in Suva in job related to scouting/volunteering. She departed in early 2014.

Three Piece – Rose is a Canadian college student who spent a year (July 2012- July 2013) as an exchange student at USP in Suva.

Bloom where you’re planted – Alicia is a Peace Corps volunteer who worked in Suva until June 2013.

Fijian blogs:

Stuck in Fiji M.U.D. – Fijian foreign affairs blog. Covers politics but is more neutral in tone than other political blogs.

Babasiga – Fijian from Labasa (on the island on Vanua Levu) and his Australian wife blogging about life in Fiji and Fijian culture. Blogging since 2006.

  1. Nahad permalink

    hi, I have been trying to join suva expat facebook page but to no avail. I have requested to join at least a dozen times and it is still not accepted. any suggestions?

    • Hypatia permalink

      If you don’t yet live in Suva or your FB account looks like you might be a commercial/spam account, that could be it. Anyone who has a recently created account and few posts or few friends looks like a spammer and wouldn’t be added. There’s been a lot of problems with spammers so I’m guessing there’s something about your FB that the admin finds suspicious-Try sending a note to the admin? Or join a bunch of other Fiji FB groups first so the admin sees you have a connection to this place?

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